Post-archive is a research project by Mónica de Miranda that reflects issues of memory, diaspora and history in relation to the current migration movements and the urban landscapes of Africa linked to Portuguese colonization and the fall of the colonial Empire. The project also analyzes in a comparative manner the transcultural and migrant movements in Europe after decolonization. Through a multidisciplinary program of research, the project includes activities such as: seminars, art talks, performances and exhibitions. This approach encourages the development of an integrated research connected to an artistic practice, as well as a metodology related to postcolonial themes of urbanism and identity. The project examines practices and theory related to spaces, places, landscapes and borders connected to decolonization. The post-archive examines how nationality and transnationality shape the day-to-day experience of place and culture, and how globalization and cosmopolitanism delineate cultural and aesthetic cartographies. It will combine factual past and present contemporary experiences with history and memory, intertwined with fictional re-imaginings of post-colonial urban places and spaces through the place of the familiar and the genealogy of the personal spaces of the artist’s practice. Research has been developed within a practical and artistic context, and took the form of an archive of contemporary art, which included the creation of a web platform that gathers and compiles documents, video, audio and photographic resources on the study of the postcolonial urban realities present in the city of Lisbon and in Luanda, Maputo, Praia and São Tomé.